Hypnotherapy for Grief & Loss

When you lose someone you feel close to, a partner or child, parent, or close friend, it can be devastating. Grief can leave you hollowed out and it can feel like you will never recover. It can make you question everything. The pain can feel insurmountable. Hypnotherapy can help move you into hope, acceptance and peace. It works with your unconscious mind to help you come to terms with the loss and to help you rebuild your sense of inner calm and purpose.






I will work with you using a variety of tools and therapies. EMDR is a great way of working through the trauma of losing a loved one. It basically works on neural pathways and helps you to let go and helps remove the  feelings from the memory. It means you can talk or think about the loved one without the same emotional triggers.

NLP helps to re-wire the brain. If it was a long illness there will be many moments that affected you greatly. By working with NLP we can reprocess these memories and take the sting out of them. We can also build the sense of a future you through the imagining, which also stimulates bio-chemical response and can build hope and happiness again.

With hypnotherapy we move into a trance via a guided meditation that helps you relax and allows the words to by-pass the mind and be absorbed by the unconscious. I can make suggestions to your unconscious mind that can help you let go and move into a more positive mind-set. 
















When someone passes you can feel all sorts of uncomfortable feelings:

  • disbelief, shock, numbness and feelings of unreality

  • anger

  • feelings of guilt

  • sadness and tearfulness

  • preoccupation with whatever has been lost

  • disturbed sleep and appetite and, occasionally, weight loss

  • seeing or hearing the voice of the person lost

  • a belief that the unwanted feelings will never pass

  • excessive guilt

  • marked slowing of thoughts and movements

  • a prolonged period of not being able to function as well

If you would like to discuss whether hypnotherapy can help you, please contact me:

Diana Joy

Balmain Hypnotherapy



"My mother died unexpectedly when I was younger and I had never really processed it even though it was twenty years ago. Everytime I spoke about it or thought about it it made me cry. She died of an asthma attack when I was twenty and I was the one that found her. Diana worked on the trauma through EMDR and then the grief using hypnotherapy. I can now talk about my mother without crying and I feel like I can move on with my life. It's like I've let go of a huge weight that I'd been carrying around."

Suzi Wong - Nurse

Hypnosis for grief
hypnotherapy for grief