I have suffered from anxiety for years. It had got worse after I was promoted and I was feeling under so much pressure - and I was terrified of having panic attacks in meetings. I was starting to dread the anxiety and it was creating this loop where the fear of the anxiety gave me anxiety. It had got to the point where just walking into the office sent me into a spin. I went to see Diana hearing she might be able to help. I was amazed that it worked so well. I had heard about hypnosis but didn't really understand how it worked. I think perhaps it was the way she combined it with bringing awareness to the body and the NLP exercises we did together to help the anxiety.  I was really amazed by the results and sent my daughter for her HSC exam anxiety. My daughter responded really well and loved going to see Diana. Thank you so much Diana !!!!

Michelle R  Project Manager


Hey Diana! Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything. Life is great these days! Still have no anxiety, feeling happier and clearer. Honestly the best therapy I have ever had!

Theo - IT Systems


 "I feel like I've taken back the responsibility of my adult self. I still have those memories, but my awareness is telling me not to let these memories and emotions dominate my life..Thanks for helping me see this..its re wired my thinking..and I feel so much more calmer, and confident in myself. Btw..anxiety🤗🤗🤗

S.B Architect 



I went to see Diana because I suffered from a lack of confidence and self worth.  It was getting worse and I found dealing with the work place difficult. I was in constant fear and felt intimidated by my boss.  Diana took me places I didn't expect to go and we worked through childhood parts of me that had learnt that I was 'not enough'. I had no idea how this part of me had ruled my life for so long and it was so great to finally step into my confident adult me. She gave me tools to work with and helped rebuild my perceptions of myself. It was powerful work and had a far greater impact than I actually expected. I wish I had done this therapy thirty years ago and my life would have been so different.

Lyn Finance Controller


" I came to Diana to help me with insomnia as well as healing from a painful divorce and all of the emotional damage done by that divorce. Diana is a warm, kind, caring and genuine soul who over the course of four sessions taught me ways to help me fall asleep quicker and have a much better quality sleep, as well as helped my subconscious mind heal and let go of all of the emotional baggage that was stopping me moving forward with my life. Meeting her has forever changed my life and made me a happier, more confident person who can now enjoy life." 

Kat. G     Marketing


I have lost 6.5 kilos and managed to keep them off over Xmas and feel like I’m still on track through sensible eating and exercise.

Apart from the weight loss my life had changed. I am exercising at least 5 days per week with swimming being not only great exercise for my body but my mind too. I am so much more motivated to not just sit around 

I also feel more at peace with dealing with the loss of my mum and feel more comfortable in knowing I did the best I could. 

I feel the sessions with you have bought me back somewhat to the person I used to be.

Deborah R. School Principal


I have tried to quit smoking so many times.  I hated the way I smelt  and having to hide my habit all the time from friends and family. My grandmother died of lung cancer so I knew I had to stop. Hypnotherapy wasn't really what I imagined. It's a bit like a guided meditation. Diana went a lot deeper than I expected and I got to see how cigarettes are like a friend for me. We also worked on a daily plan to help quit the habit. She built my confidence which has helped in all sorts of ways in the rest of my life. I don't think I could have made the clean break without Diana's help and I feel really grateful that I found the right hypnotherapist for me.

Linda M. HR


I  am 48 years old and I have suffered for years with fear and high anxiety in many situations and it has prevented me from enjoying lots of adventures with my kids and family. I also suffered from PTSD. I felt like I had a massive knot of grief, anxiety and fear just sitting inside my chest and I think my health and relationships have suffered because of this.

Diana was recommended to me by a good friend and I thought I would go and have a healing as I thought it would do me good. I ended up doing a healing, four hypnotherapy sessions and EMDR for the anxiety and PTSD. I then did hypnotherapy  to help with the grief of my mother passing. I had no idea that it would work so deeply on me and once I started to let go of all this stuff that I'd locked inside me for years- I really felt a shift in both my mental and physical wellbeing. I can now even go camping with the kids without being in total fear and can sleep through the night. My family has really noticed that I'm much calmer. She gave me self-help tools which I still use.

Diana is so tuned in and has such an amazing spiritual connection and I feel so comfortable with her at all times in both my healing and my hypnosis sessions.  I would highly recommend Diana to anyone even if its just to release some blocked energy. She is amazing at this and it truly is a gift.

Thank you Diana, I will definitely continue to have both healing and hypnosis sessions in the future as it really has changed my life xx  

J. Fisher   Home Carer


"I have had many sessions with Diana. I like her directness and sense of humour. Her somatic energy work is amazing. She is a gifted healer and her ability to detect the origins of an imbalance and to then shift the energy is uncanny - and effective! She tunes in quickly and her accuracy is amazing. Her insights have been helpful and she is the real deal; she is a very ethical person and she goes straight to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend her."

Suzi F  Sound Healer


"I have had anxiety since I was very little. It has felt like a big black rock was stuck in my chest. I had tried some counselling in the past, psychology, and similar techniques, but they had limited effect. For a while, I even tried medication but for me, that didn't help.

I found Diana on the internet and that same week we had booked our first session. I had suffered for so long,  I really needed help, and I really wanted change. That was my first step.


Diana got to the absolute core of my fears, and with her gentle guidance, she was able to help me find my way. I guess she kind of made me realise, the answers I needed most, were already there waiting for me. 

After forty years the anxiety has finally gone. The therapy has given me back 'me', and I am no longer in fear.


Thank you Diana. "

S.B Architect



"I was in a highly anxious  state when I contacted Diana. The initial consult and 3 sessions later anxiety seems to be a state I barely experience. The treatment worked on me. I was so receptive that Diana suggested I didn’t need my scheduled fourth session. It has been over a month now and I am doing well.  I have had new obstacles that previously would have turned my life upside down.  My partner, family, new found 'peace-filled' nervous system and I are immensely grateful thankful for Diana & hypnosis. I've tried many other modalities for over 40 years & seemed to go in circles. I highly recommend giving hypnosis a go. It was life changing."

Carolyn Personal Assistant




Hi Diana 

                I really enjoyed meeting you, and I felt very relaxed and joyous after our meeting, looking forward to more hypnotherapy. Appreciate you helping me achieve my health and fitness goals and I feel really good about everything we did, I was a little apprehensive before our meeting but  you were very professional

and put me at ease, and I I felt so good afterwards.


                                  See you next week – Garth.


My family would always holiday locally as I have a fear of flying. It is something that I finally wanted to get on top of so that we could have a holiday together overseas. I do have to fly sometimes for work and it has always been a problem that was getting worse. My palms get sweaty and my heart is racing and I feel like I'm going to die. I look at everyone else around me and wonder why I can't just read a magazine or watch a movie. I went to Diana as I heard hypnosis could work. After only three sessions I was able to get on a plane and I actually enjoyed the flight.  She is highly intuitive and I felt really safe with her and I felt like she really connected with me. I would recommend her to anyone with a fear of flying.

Cheryl P  Marketing


I have recently had four sessions of Hypnotherapy with Diana which I can highly recommend . The issues we worked with are so much improved and I have tools to refresh with. I feel more at peace and less alone.

During one of the sessions I had a powerful experience which was unexpected l and healing.

Diana is warm, always professional, certainly gifted and highly skilled. I always felt supported and safe. 

Mary Z


I had tried psychologyT and was on medication but I still suffered from bad anxiety. It was worst at work. Diana got right to the heart of the issue and she not only worked on my anxiety but she worked on my depression as well. I feel so much lighter and happier inside. I feel like I have let go of a bag full of rocks that were weighing me down. Diana was able to help me get through my anxiety as well as helping me let go of old stuff. I feel like I'm back to the old me before I had depression. 

Laila M - Finance Officer