Memory is not just stored in the brain, it's also stored in the body. When our sympathetic system is activated by stress, trauma, fear or anxiety, the fight, flight or freeze response can be stored throughout our system. 


By working with your body and breath we can help release and clear your system and bring a deep relaxation into your body. We start with moving into a relaxed trance through the breath and guided meditation. You are then guided to move to each energy centre and we clear it using intention, the breath, cell talk and sound. A deep relaxation can be bought to any areas that are tight or in pain.


By working through the body and through regression timelines you may recall grief or trauma and this is gently released. We may do inner child work, helping to transform any residual pain, using  techniques that are based on NLP principles. Sometimes there will be an emotional release with no actual content or memory. Other times there will be a strong memory. We always work toward bringing you to a place of healing and resolve. By releasing old traumas, disappointments and fear we are able to return to our authentic self and live in a more peaceful state. While there is communication between myself and the client, this is not talk therapy, we are accessing content through the body and unconscious, by-passing the mind.

This style of therapy can be very powerful. It is not as goal orientated as hypnotherapy but can work to make you feel lighter, calmer, happier and less burdened. It is like a turbo-charged guided meditation.

If you would like to discuss if this therapy could work for you please contact me:

Diana Joy


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