Hypnotherapy for Kids & Teenagers

Hypnotherapy for kids and teenagers is safe and can be very effective. It does require a child to be able to focus so we don't recommend treatment for anyone younger than eight. I have worked with a lot of high-school students on a range of issues and really enjoy the process of connecting and helping young people. The most common issues are anxiety, performance anxiety (exams, sport, public speaking, dance) and low mood and self esteem. With anxiety we work with self-help tools, breathing, hypnosis, NLP for incident anxiety and EMDR for trauma. I teach the kids how to recognise the changes in their nervous system when they are anxious and help them to learn how to shift it.

I find young people respond well to hypnotherapy and NLP for self esteem and confidence issues. It can help when they have been bullied, have learning difficulties or are simply shy. I use a variety of tools to work with them to bring about change. In particular they seem to respond to creative visualisation in combination with the hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programing. 

Working with trauma in whatever form is something I find works best when you go slow and gentle and provide strong support to make them feel safe. I use a variety of tools: hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, future visualisation, body work and guided meditation to bring about the changes gently and safely. 


Breaking habits or phobias such as nail biting or fear of needles is a process of re-training the unconscious and I have had great results in this area.

Rapport is number one when dealing with young people and I recommend having a one-off session to start with, to make sure your child is on-board with the changes and that there is a connection between us.