Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking 

Smoking can be both an addiction and a habit. Sometimes the habit is like an old friend and harder to say goodbye to than the physical addiction.

If you are committed to stopping smoking, hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool to help you drop the habit. With all those unpleasant symptoms you can experience such as irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, difficulty sleeping, restlessness and increased hunger, it can be good to have a support person on board helping treat those symptoms through suggestions and hypnosis as well as helping you quit the smokes. It will strengthen your determination and support your change, working with your unconscious as you move toward your goal. By speaking directly to your unconscious we can retrain it to encourage new patterns and desires. We work with the increased benefits and value in stopping.










It can take up to four weeks for the physical addiction to disappear. Vitamins can sometimes help and I will work with you looking at your lifestyle, diet and routine and help you to put in place support systems in your everyday so you can remain true to your decision as well as building a script and suggestions to help your unconscious mind shift habits and support you in achieving your goal. Stopping smoking isn't something we can 'make' you do through hypnosis, but once you are committed we can greatly improve your likelihood of successfully quitting and staying a non-smoker.


I work with NLP to help you break old pathways in the brain and help you form new ones. I will also work with you to locate any part of you that is in conflict with the change. Once in a state of deep hypnosis and after hypnotherapy (suggestions to the unconscious) I can go deep and find any conflicted parts of you and bring them into alignment with the rest of you that's committed. People get very surprised when they meet the part of them who is in the driver's seat, leading the smoking, and it can be a strong inspiration to change. 

                                    Hypnotherapy for Habits

Other habits such as nail biting, excess drinking or dietary habits such as excess sugar, chocolate, caffeine or sweet soda consumption can also be addressed with hypnotherapy. It works on the same principles outlined above and I can use NLP, hypnotherapy and visualisation to rewire the brain and create new ways of being and responding. Sometimes you can find you are conflicted, part of you wants to stop drinking bottles of soda each day and the other part is not just physically addicted to the sugar but also doesn't really want to stop. While in trance we can find that part of you that is conflicted  and bring them into line with the part of you who is committed. This can be very powerful. You might find a a person who is lonely (so we address the loneliness) or we might find someone who is a teenage rebel and doesn't care about their health or wellbeing. Every single person is different and I find I use different tools for each person to bring about a result. 


Addictions and habits can make you feel helpless and trying to force the mind into compliance doesn't always work. Hypnotherapy speaks to the unconscious, not the mind. Speaking with the unconscious means you are working with the part of you that is driving the issue and you may not even be aware of what the 'script' is. We learn scripts all through our childhood and life that get embedded and drive us without us even realising. The great thing about hypnotherapy is you don't need to understand, we simply speak to the unconscious guiding it to a different behaviour to create change. 

Please contact me if you wish to discuss whether hypnotherapy can help you:

Diana Joy

Balmain Hypnotherapy



"I had given up smoking many times before, but for one reason or another I had always gone back to it. With having young kids I really wanted to stop the habit for good. It was starting to really affect my breathing and health and I hated how it made me feel. I was ashamed to be a smoker. I found Diana was a perfect fit for me. She was non-judgemental and she has a good sense of humour.  I have not touched a cigarette for 10 months now and I'm proud to finally myself a non-smoker."

Pete D Advertising Executive

"I had a habit of drinking that I didn't seem to be able to break and it was getting worse as I got older. I was drinking half a bottle to a bottle every night. I didn't get drunk but I really liked that drink at the end of the day. It made me relax. It also made me tired irritable with the kids, irritable at work, foggy, slow and over-weight. The therapy went really deep - we did parts therapy and I discovered some interesting things about myself. It made it so much easier to give up and the hypnotherapy really worked. On top of that I'm saving myself thousands of dollars a year through not drinking."


Kate M - Editor

Hypnosis stop habits
Hypnosis to quit smoking