What can Hypnotherapy Assist With?

Is hypnotherapy appropriate for you? I have put together a list, to make it easier for you to identify whether I can help you. This is not all inclusive, so if you don't find your issue, feel free to make an enquiry. 

Hypnotherapy is wonderful for almost all  behaviours you may need help in changing. This is because it works with your unconscious. Our unconscious can store beliefs we don't even know we hold which can have an enormous impact on our decision making and relationships. By making suggestions to the unconscious we can bring about positive change. This applies to performance in work or sport, behaviours and relationship to self and others. It is also a useful tool for addressing habits and phobias.


I have listed the medical issues which have been clinically proven to benefit from hypnotherapy, which include IBS and Chronic Pain management.

I have found many of my clients come for hypnotherapy and end up benefiting from EMDR which is a great tool for trauma or grief. 


Hypnotherapy works with suggestions to shift the relationship

to self and bring about new behaviours. It can:

Strengthening Self-Confidence

Motivation v.s. Procrastination

Low Self Esteem

Self Hatred


Lack of Assertiveness

Anger or Frustration Issues


Grieving and Mourning


Fear of Rejection

Helplessness and Hopelessness

Self-Criticism & Self-Defeating Behaviours

Feeling Safe


Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious to release anxiety

in any phobia including:

Fear of flying

Social Phobia

Fear of School

Fear of Dentist

Fear of Doctor

Fear of Surgery

Fear of needles

Fear of spiders or animals

Fear of Heights

Fear of small spaces or large spaces


Hypnotherapy in the form of creative visualisation and the power of

the mind has been used by sports professionals all around the world.

Hypnotherapy can help create new patterns of thinking and ways of being

to assist in:

Career Success


Reach Goals

CreativityWriters Block

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Performance Anxiety

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Sports Enhancement

Feel free to call me to discuss your issue"

Diana Joy




There are some medical issues that have been clinically proven to benefit from hypnotherapy including:

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome )


Surgical Recovery

Chronic Pain Management & Pain Control



Trauma and PTSD

Weight Loss

Nervous System/Medical

Our nervous system is often in fight or flight mode and hypnotherapy can bring about the changes in your responses and feelings of relaxation. It can be useful for: 

Learn Relaxation

Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Learn to feel safe after Trauma

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome )



When our automatic system is in charge and you can't seem to control the habit, hypnotherapy can be a really useful way of speaking and changing the unconscious to bring about changes in:

Nail biting



Perpetual lateness

Thumb Sucking (BFRB)

Weight Loss