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 Diana Joy Therapist Balmain        

I am continually amazed by the power of hypnotherapy to create profound change. We believe we run our lives via our conscious mind but 95% of our decision making is governed by our unconscious.  In hypnotherapy we use a trance state to  bypass the chatter of the mind and speak directly to your unconscious. It's a gentle, deep and often profound journey of change. 

 I have a special interest in anxiety  and phobias and I have developed a unique methodology. I work on the body/unconscious connection, working deeply to identify and heal trauma or work change.  


I have an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy. I am trained in EMDR and also work somatically. I am a registered member of ASCH.


 NLP can be useful for shifting old ways of thinking and bringing about change, in effect re-wiring the brain. EMDR is a  highly effective technique for healing trauma and PTSD. 

​Where required I use  psychotherapeutic techniques to work with your inner child and parts therapy as well as somatic techniques. 

Fundamentally I am here to support you on your journey to wellness. This therapy is designed to be short term and results orientated. I see many clients who are seeking an alternative to CBT, talk therapy or medication.


Anxiety | Stress




Chronic Pain 








Weight Loss


 Dip. Clin. Hyp. 1024nsw CHt, NLP Prac.| Advanced Dip Hyp. Psychotherapy & NLP 10501 NAT|  Registered member # 1872N of ASCH 



"I have had anxiety since I was very little. It has felt like a big black rock was stuck in my chest. I had tried some counselling in the past, CBT, and similar techniques, but they had limited effect. For a while, I even tried medication but for me, that didn't help.

I found Diana on the internet and that same week we had booked our first session. I had suffered for so long,  I really needed help, and I really wanted change. That was my first step.

Diana got to the absolute core of my fears, and with her gentle guidance, she was able to help me find my way. I guess she kind of made me realise, the answers I needed most, were already there waiting for me. 

After forty years the anxiety has finally gone. The therapy has given me back 'me', and I am no longer in fear.


Thank you, Diana. "

Services & Cost

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Hypnotherapy | NLP
Somatic Energy Therapy

Firstly we identify the problem, discuss the impact on your life and your ideal outcome from hypnotherapy. We then refine the goal and I take you into a trance state, using hypnotic suggestions to bring about change. You are always in control and know what is happening.

Hypnotherapy is accumulative and we recommend a course of 4 to really make a difference and embed the changes long term.  Weight loss and smoking we recommend 3. The first session takes up to 2 hours and sessions thereafter 1 hour.

For those seeking relief from trauma, EMDR can be used in conjunction. 

I work holistically and may  give you self-help tools to take home.


1st Session 2 hour                        $ 180

Subsequent Sessions 1 hour       $ 150

Package of 4                                 $ 590

Claimable through Medibank, Teachers, HCI, Australian Unity and CBHS

During these sessions we will connect with your different energy centres in the body, releasing past traumas, pain and disappointments and bringing you into a clearer and more centred space.  I take you into a trance state and use a combination of sound, guided meditation, timelines and parts therapy. These sessions can be very powerful.


Energy work is an intuitive journey and each person's journey is unique.


EMDR can be used to help reduce trauma or PTSD. I often combine this work with NLP and hypnotherapy for really fast and strong results.

You will learn powerful techniques you can use at home.

1.5 hours          $ 150

1 hour               $ 120

4 x 1.5 hours   $ 550

4 x 1 hour        $ 440