Can Anxiety Be Cured?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I have heard so many times that 'anxiety cannot be cured'. Is this true?

Anxiety is a natural defence mechanism for danger. When the primitive brain senses danger a signal is sent and thirty chemicals are released in the body causing us to go into fight or flight mode. This is to protect us incase of any life threatening situation to give us the best possible chance of surviving. So when experts say anxiety cannot be cured, this is what they are suggesting; you cannot cure 'healthy anxiety.'

However people that 'have anxiety' are suffering from unhealthy anxiety. It effects their ability to lead their lives normally and symptoms can be completely debilitating.

  • catastrophising thoughts

  • fast beating heart

  • extreme feelings of fear

  • nausea and tension in the belly

  • sweating

  • feelings of weight on the chest

  • cloudy thinking

  • sore muscles

Unhealthy anxiety escalates and can turn into anticipatory anxiety, so you become anxious of anxiety. You can find yourself in a terrible loop from which it seems impossible to escape. It feels as if it is happening to you, but in fact it's happening from inside you.

Certainly it is possible to heal from inappropriate anxiety. I find the best path is using a combination of tools that work on calming the nervous system and bringing about change in your unconscious sense of safety. You can read about it here.

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