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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Losing weight can feel like a real drag, particularly if you are someone that has yo-yoed for years. Hypnotherapy will put you in the mind-set of enjoying the journey. When you can look forward to your food choices and watching the kilos fall off you are far more likely to stick to your eating program. When there is pleasure in the process you will no longer feel that you are using willpower to resist the foods you want to eat but can't.

Hyponotherapy for weight loss

This idea of 'enjoying' the weight reduction program and feeling gratitude for the healthier changes are all part of the hypnosis program I put in place for others! It's a really different feeling than 'trying' and 'controlling'. It's a much calmer set point to work from and makes it easier.

While doing Hypnosis for Weight Loss I would work with you in the following ways:

What needs to change in your lifestyle?

  1. Is it just food or is it alcohol too?

  2. Do you need to exercise?

  3. What eating program will you adopt? (It's better to have decided this before you come to the first session)

  4. What changes will you make to help you stick to the diet changes? (Do you need to not buy any sweet stuff for the kids, or stop eating their left-overs, or make up your meals and snacks in advance so it's easy to open the fridge and pull out what you need when you are super hungry?)

hypnosis for weight loss

Once we've done the basics we then go into hypnosis and I work with you to identify and remove any blocks. Is there some part of you in resistance? We help bring them into alignment so you can move forward without the conflicted part nagging you to eat that piece of sponge cake or just have one glass of wine!

We then work with hypnotic suggestions to help you build the resilience and attitude. We find a way of embracing the changes.

We work with NLP immersing in the future self who has already done the weight drop, who is enjoying wearing smaller clothes and feeling better about the way he or she looks. Basically we immerse you as we rebuild your brain pathways. The neurons that fire together wire together and that's why a professional golfer will practise their stroke in their imagination.

What you don't want is to yo-yo from one diet to another and what Hypnotherapy will do is help you build up a different ingrained attitude making it easier to hold onto the changes rather than reverting to old habits.

If you are interested in working with hypnosis to support your weight loss, give me a call



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