5 Things that Help Anxiety

Anxiety is a fight flight or freeze response and it creates fear in your system. This can feel overwhelming. It can feel as though you have no power to stop it. There are things you can do to feel better:

1. Have someone massage your heart while you breathe using the same breath described in step 2. You will be amazed how relieving this is. It requires slow, circular motions with a little pressure from the hand and can be done by a professional or a partner. This is particularly good for those who have that feeling of weight in this area or who have an accelerated heart beat. It can bring on an emotional release, so don't be surprised if it makes you teary.

2. Breathe in using a long inhale (4 or 5 seconds), hold for 2 or 3 seconds then exhale for longer than the inhale. This will speak directly to your nervous system, telling it that you are safe, and the anxiety will eventually pass.

5 things that help anxiety

3. Surf the fear. When the feeling comes in, do not fight it, surrender to it and relax. This is more easily achieved if you have had some treatment first and have learnt how to work with it.

4. Do yoga. Yoga calms the mind but it also works through the body and helps you release all the adrenaline and energy generated by anxiety. Anxiety is body/mind so you will find this even better than meditation. Many people with anxiety find meditation difficult to focus on, as they are hyper vigilant.

5. Watch yourself. Is there a thought that triggers anxiety? Do you have critical inner voices? Take control by using a mantra to replace the inner critic or the triggering thought...pick one that suits you. For example:

"I am becoming stronger and calmer each and every day."

Self Help for Anxiety

Keep in mind that anxiety requires a multi faceted approach. Your system has gone into hyper vigilance and you need to retrain it that you are safe and teach yourself how to be calm and recognise how to work with it.

I find that a combination of these things with hypnotherapy and somatic body work makes a huge difference. I have worked with people who are barely able to function because of their anxiety and there is always a pathway through to release and healing.

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