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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Hypnotherapy for confidence

During hypnosis one of my favourite things to work on is self-love. We find it easy to love our friends, family, pets and children, but people often find it difficult to even comprehend loving themselves. I do an exercise where you are asked to bring in first someone you love and expand the heart chakra, then you replace that person with you! It's amazing how many people struggle to maintain that feeling of love. You can sense when someone does love themselves - they have that shiny feeling when they walk in the room. They own the space they step into and others are attracted to them.

This is an extract from my friend, Erin Lewis's book, The Love Revolution

We are all one in the universe. We are all connected. We are a part of the comic ocean that energetically surrounds us. The Universe is within us, and we are within the Universe. This simple truth means that we cannot possibly experience pure love without first loving ourselves. So art asking, "Who am I in this moment? Fearful or love full?" Learn your vibrational frequency and become responsible for the energy you bring with you into every situation.

What you believe about yourself is what gets reflected back to you by the world around you. If you are having a lot of negativity thrown at you, you need to have a look at what it is that you are putting out. When you believe you are unworthy, not good enough, people will meet you at that and will take advantage of you. This usually won't be a conscious decision on their part, but just a meeting of vibrations and learned behaviour.

Hypnosis for self esteem

Knowing you are good enough, and even more than good enough radiates as contentment and satisfaction within your life. It gives you self-confidence that is attractive, and you start attracting more circumstances to be content and satisfied with. When you know you are more than enough, and you are full of love of self, you do not need to judge another, or have any expectations of them. All that faces away, and you let others be whom they need or want to be. Beautiful presence/presents to gift humanity.

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