Does Hypnosis work for Phobia?

Other than hypnotherapy, what help can you seek for a phobia?There is:

  • Immersion or exposure therapy (psychological) which is gradual exposure to the thing you fear most

  • Anti-depressant sometimes used to treat phobia

  • Immersion via Virtual reality

Hypnotherapy to treat phobia

Hypnotherapy doesn't expose you to your fears, it treats you gently, working with your unconscious to bring about a change in scripting so that instead of going into heightened anxiety, you are able to respond normally.

I use an integrated approach to phobia:

  • Hypnotherapy with suggestions for the unconscious

  • Tapping

  • EMDR if there is trauma or PTSD involved

  • Somatic Therapy to bring awareness to the bodies fight or flight or freeze response

  • Regression if required

  • NLP - building layers of positive neural response over the negative memory or phobia to help unblock any neural looping

  • Gentle energy work for healing

Firstly what is the phobia? Is it the response to a trauma (you were bitten once by a spider, had a car accident, messed up while public speaking or were abused by a male with red hair). If you are aware of the cause I will work on the initial event using EMDR for the trauma. If you have multiple traumas from the phobia (ie dentist trauma) I will also use EMDR. This is a simple evidenced technique used to separate the emotion from the memory and has been used very successfully for trauma and PTSD.

Hypnotherapy for phobia

Often you have no conscious knowledge of the cause. When in a trance you can discover things in your unconscious you have forgotten and I can guide you to forgotten memories or subliminal reasons for a phobia. This isn't to solve the riddle of why, it's to help resolve the issue so that the matured part of you who is wanting to heal can move on.

Phobia is basically the fight, flight or freeze response - full blown fear on steroids. After hypnotherapy, while you are still in a trance, I will often work with a client to help them understand what happens to their body when it's in super high anxiety. By oscillating between anxious thoughts and relaxed calm you are able to see how the body is triggered and how to control it. The nervous system can be reconfigured by bringing this awareness to the response.

We do a very mild version of immersion which is you imagining an event when you were confronted by your fear and imagining yourself doing it differently. We play it out over and over until you are feeling less anxious and more capable as we switch on the confident, capable you and start to create a new neural pathway in response to the phobia trigger. Using the imagination to train a limb after a stroke is very effective - neural pathways can be grown and can work for phobic responses.

We may also treat the phobia with tapping which is a tool you can take away.

I work with all sorts of phobias:

  • Fear or spiders or insects

  • Heights

  • Big spaces

  • Social phobia

  • Fear of water

  • Fear of snakes or animals

  • Fear of exams

  • Fear of performance

  • Fear of needles

A phobia is unlikely to shift in one session but we are likely to get a long way in four. Sometimes it takes more. Sometimes, once the client feels ready and confident I will work with them and see how they respond in a real world environment - can they get into the water? Can they travel up to the top floor of a building?

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