Does Hypnotherapy work?

When I first trained in hypnotherapy I really did wonder if it worked or whether it was a grand hoax! Since working with so many clients and seeing results I have come to respect the power of hypnotherapy and it's ability to help people heal. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to work with your unconscious mind. So often our mind gets in the way of healing. By speaking directly with the unconscious we are able to change all those programs that have been learnt over the years. Just as a cut will heal if you remove the glass shard, so too will the unconscious heal if you remove the block. A learnt script can be a block to healing.

Does hypnosis work?

Personal scripts - scripts that tell us we are unsafe, that we are shy, that we are not good enough, can all be re-written in hypnotherapy. These scripts, despite influencing us greatly, are often hidden to us. They are accumulated over time as our unconscious is not discerning and it can learn and absorb lessons you had no idea you had even absorbed. Through regression, while in hypnosis, a client will often discover something new. They may find an event from their childhood they had forgotten about and learn that it is holding them back significantly as an adult. It might be a script that taught them they were not safe, when the nervous system first learnt to activate into fight or flight mode. By working with this young self, during hypnosis and bringing them to healing, we can made a significant difference to adult anxiety. We can unlearn the pattern of protection and anxiety and learn to expand.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy works with you while you are in a state of hypnosis or trance. It then works with a guided meditation and using suggestions to retrain your unconscious. I have found it amazing to deal with confidence and performance enhancement, anxiety, stress, IBS, phobias and pain.

I have worked with many clients with many issues and seen amazing results after hypnotherapy. In particular I find teenagers are blown away by how easily they can go into a trance and how good the results can be.

Hypnotherapy is something I prefer to use in conjunction with other healing modalities. I use psychotherapy, working with your unconscious while in a trance to find blocks in the body that are due to trauma or significant events. I also use EMDR to help move trauma memory, NLP for retraining the brain and creative visualisation for performance enhancement. I also work with somatic energetics which is a very powerful tool for creating change and while one that is less easy to communicate, it seems to be the one everyone loves and wants more of.

If you are considering getting hypnotherapy for an old pattern or problem, then please feel free to contact me to discuss whether it will suit you.


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