Heal Anxiety - Hypnotherapy & Other Tools that Work

Anxiety and depression have become endemic in our modern world. You may find that what was once the white noise of stress has turned into full-blown anxiety. You experience the racing heart, the tightening of the belly, the dry mouth, the sleeplessness, perhaps feelings of being unsafe or overloaded. Things that didn't used to bother you, now do. You can't handle the extra work pressure, the niggly boss, the small space, the call centre or the traffic.

Anxiety is basically being stuck in fight or flight mode. The adrenaline and cortisol is dumped into your system as your body becomes primed to 'run' from that wild beast! You can become anxious about getting anxiety, creating a feed-back loop that feels impossible to escape from. Anxiety can be triggered by a traumatic event or on-going abuse or a highly stressful lifestyle or it can be simply genetic and part of your character disposition.

Hypnotherapy can work wonders with anxiety as you are dealing with the unconscious and the unconscious is where your triggers will be. It can help retrain you into remembering and switching on relaxation. I help you switch off or disrupt the fight or flight pattern and bring in new patterns of peace and calm through making habit altering suggestions, while you are in a trance. I work with you to effect change in your body through working with the imagination impacting on your 'plastic neural state'. Hypnotherapy introduces new messages and response patterns that support calm, strategies to help you change your thoughts and your experience. It will help you to change old patterns of thinking and being, introducing new ways that will help improve your mood as the neurotransmitters adjust in line with the thinking.

Hypnotherapy will go straight to the unconscious and given 95% of our decision making is guided by not our mind, but our unconscious, it makes sense that anxiety can be reduced by taking you into a trance and re-training your unconscious. By making suggestions we are able to relax you and bring a different perception to reality. We can train you to feel safe and in control of your responses.

All sorts of things can trigger anxiety - you might have a needle phobia, a public speaking anxiety, a plane phobia, a particular location or situation might make your anxiety worse or it might be related to a trauma. Once we have identified triggers we then use either EMDR or NLP to work on you. This disrupts those pathways and removes the anxiety from the trigger.

If you have had a traumatizing incident, we work with EMDR to remove the emotional sting from the memory.

If there was a trauma event or events, EMDR is a really powerful technique to help you disassociate the feeling from the memory, allowing you to move on and let go.

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is really great for reimagining and re-wiring the brain around triggering events. If for example a certain situation will cause you anxiety, I can work with you to reduce the symptoms associated with that and help create a different type of neural/physical response. These exercises are simple, fun and effective.

​The body work is perfect for identifying where you hold the tension or anxiety in your body - is it like a spinning wheel or pressure just below your chest or do you hold the anxiety as a 'tight' belly, perhaps feeling nausea. Once we bring awareness into this area and let go of the tension and bring true release, it can feel as if you have let go of a huge pressure. What was once feeling as if it was tightly coiled like a spring and compacted suddenly feels light and free. I will then teach you techniques for monitoring that area, so you can take back control and run your body the way you want it!

Psychotherapy can be a really useful way of working with anxiety. Who is your anxious person and what would make them feel better? Once in a trance we can easily open the door into the unconscious and work with the part of you who needs healing. We will get answers about what you need and can bring profound calm and ease to the part of you that is fearful, feeling unsafe and anxious.

I work with you in a holistic way, also looking at contributing factors in your lifestyle and diet. Are you drinking a lot of coffee? Are you taking medication that may be making you feel anxious? I recommend you first go to a Doctor if you are suffering from anxiety. This combination therapeutic approach can work fast and most clients notice significant results within four sessions.

If you would like to discuss your issues and find out whether hypnotherapy might help, contact me:

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