Hypnosis for Confidence

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

When you feel confident your life can change. It's as simple as that. People are attracted to confidence - it's assumed that if you are confident you have something of value to be confident about. Being shy, or projecting a low self esteem can result in fewer opportunities. You may be overlooked for leadership roles or promotion and find it harder to bond and make friends. The good news is that it's relatively easy to build confidence and a stronger sense of one's worth through hypnotherapy.

The unconscious is interesting - it's a little like a data collector. It does not judge or know right from wrong, it simply accumulates data and as you get older the baggage can get heavier. Hypnotherapy can help you lighten the load. If you have fear of your boss, you might literally 'lose your voice' with your boss. Try making a conscious change. Fake it until you make it. Walk into the room with your head high and shoulders back and pretend you are 'someone'. Note what happens. Our outer world really does reflect our inner work and our bodies take the shape and show the signs of our inner thoughts.

Low esteem or lack of confidence could be scripted into your up-bringing and during hypnotherapy we can work with your malleable unconscious to receive new information. We are not static and immutable, we are constantly changing, fluid beings. Hypnotherapy can work with rescripting your unconscious, over-writing all those negative stories about who you are and your value. You are as important and worthy as any single other human being on the planet. You get to define you, not others. As you occupy yourself with more strength and conviction you will start to find people treat you differently. Your reality will shift to reflect your sense of self.


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