Hypnosis for Confidence

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence? Do you feel anxious walking into a room of people or do you feel you are not good enough at anything you do? Do you feel as if you will fail before you start? Do you find it difficult to talk to the opposite sex or hold your own in a job interview?

Some people are born with the gift of confidence and in our society it can take you a long way. People respond to confidence. They assume if you are confident you must have something to be confident about. It makes it easier to make friends, win jobs, pitches and partners.

If you are shy and socially awkward you may find less opportunities come your way. This is not necessarily fair, as you may have far greater gifts than the confident guy, but sadly if you don't shine your own light, it is unlikely to be done for you.

Imagine two people walk into a room. One is hunched over and doesn't make eye contact and scuttles across the room. The other catches your eye, smiles and seems open and interested. Who do you want to hang out with?

Gaining confidence through hypnotherapy is easy. Confidence building is one of the many steps in helping weight loss, stopping smoking, exam anxiety, performance anxiety and phobias, so almost every hypnosis session has a confidence component. Hypnosis for confidence is a process of speaking with the unconscious and reteaching it how you can be in the world. In the same way sports stars use creative visualisation to imagine their win, we use it to re-imagine many situations you have been in and change them. We get you to feel and see this new you and activate new neural pathways. I combine hypnotherapy with deep psychotherapeutic work where you get to heal the part of you that has low self esteem. You get to write a new unconscious script and will no longer be bound by old scripts that have held you back.

hypnosis and confidence

Every session with every person is custom built. There is no 'one-size' fits all. If you have a lack of confidence because of a certain issue, a marriage break up, domestic violence, past experience or childhood trauma, we may work with healing that through psychotherapy as well as hypnotherapy and suggestions to build your sense of self worth. What I care about is making sure you walk out of a series of sessions feeling the change.

Please feel free to get in contact if you'd like to work toward a new more confident you.

Diana Joy


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