Hypnosis & Coaching for Public Speaking

Most people find public speaking scary. What say you freeze and can't remember their script? What say you are boring and no-one is interested? What say you make a complete idiot of yourself?

The mind will come up with all the worst case scenarios and once in front of the audience, you may find your nerves get the better of you. Suddenly you are in fight or flight and your mouth becomes so dry you can barely get the words out and all inspiration or humour has evaporated. Time speeds up or slows down and your hands shake as you turn the page on the lectern. And what's worse is you know everyone else can see just how nervous you are! So how about all those Ted talks? How do they do it?

Hypnotherapy for public speaking

Learning your script inside out and practising will help enormously. However, if you can't get on top of those nerves, hypnotherapy is very effective to help prepare you for public speaking. Unconsciously we can have all sorts of scripts going on that make us feel anxious and nervous. By speaking directly to the unconscious you are able to bring about positive change. This is done while you are in a stated of focussed relaxation - or trance. When you are in this state your brain is in a theta state which makes you more open to change. Hypnotherapy gets great results with confidence and public speaking is all about confidence.

In addition to hypnotherapy, while you are in this altered state of relaxation, it is likely I will also work with you on imagining yourself up there on stage delivering your speech to the public. Just as an athlete is encouraged to see themselves winning the race or game, you get to feel, see, hear and experience the event prior to it happening learning empowerment tricks and distractions so you can deliver confidently.

After three or four sessions you are likely to be feeling differently about going up in front of an audience. And if you'd like further help, as someone that has directed film performances for over twenty years, I can assist you with your performance and film it so you can watch it back. By the time we have finished you will be able to walk out there with your head high and get those laughs on cue and hold your audience in the palm of your hand.

Diana Joy

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