Unpacking the mystery of hypnosis

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

What is hypnosis

There is a shroud of mystery with regards to exactly what hypnosis is and what it does. Can you be magically converted into being a non-smoking, phobia-free, anxiety-free, pain free person without having to do a thing? The answer is yes and no! There is no magic involved and you do have to do your part! On the other hand you can become all of the above through a course of hypnotherapy. However, it's also about bringing awareness into your everyday and using the self-help tools. I have noticed that those that are fully committed to wellness move faster and get better results.

You cannot be hypnotised to absorb or do something you are aligned with. Quite simply, if you don't really want to stop smoking (your wife wants you to stop) and you go to a hypnotherapist to stop, it's not going to work. When you are in alliance with the therapy it can work wonders.

During hypnotherapy you will be guided into a relaxed meditation state - we call this a trance state. What this means is you are in a state of relaxed focus and your brain is likely to be in a theta state. This makes you more likely to absorb the suggestions the therapist makes to your unconscious.


A script is built based on the outcome you seek and after an extensive chat with the therapist. This usually takes an hour followed by a treatment. What is your goal in the hypnotherapy? How do you want to feel and what changes do you want to experience in your life? Once this has been recognised the sessions are all about working toward that goal. Suggestions are built into what is essentially a guided meditation.

Hypnotherapy requires a chain of sessions to really embed. The first session might just be about bringing you to the idea of getting you ready to change. Session two might be about gentle suggestions as you get used to the idea, the third session might be more directive and the fourth embedding it for the long term.

Hypnotherapy is all about switching you on to access your inner resources and aligning your unconscious with your goals. We are governed by our unconscious in every aspect of our lives so when we actually bypass the mind and speak directly to the unconscious it can be very powerful. Who knows what patterns or beliefs are blocking you moving toward your goals. You may have an anxiety issue that is creating an Irritable Bowel Syndrome issue. We may work on relaxing your entire nervous system and breaking the fight flight pattern and your tendency to contract your belly and hold the tension and anxiety in this area. We then work deeply into your digestive tract with relaxation visualisation. Sounds simple, but extremely effective and has been proven to be one of two things to have the best results for Irritable Bowel Syndrome - the other is diet!

I like to give you take home tools and look at life-style and how it can best assist your changes. Do you need to change your diet, exercise or routine to help assist you move toward your goals? If you are having anxiety attacks how can you work with your body to slow your breath down? Is there a 'stay sober' Podcast you can listen to daily that will help you stop drinking, in combination with hypnotherapy? Can you work with Chinese medicine and diet to help alleviate chronic pain? I believe a holistic approach is invaluable in bringing you to wellness.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, phobias, smoking and chronic pain are the areas hypnotherapy is renowned for getting better results than other therapies. However I find hypnosis particularly useful for dealing with stress and anxiety, confidence and performance anxiety. You can retrain the unconscious to have different beliefs and habits.

Diana Joy

Balmain Hypnotherapy



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