Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

If you've spent a life-time of diets, achieving your ideal weight then putting it all back on again, then hypnosis could work for you. Hypnotherapy for weight loss shifts the paradigm. It's not about willpower and depriving yourself, it's about creating a space inside of you in which you joyfully make the changes and sculpt the body you want. If you feel deprived as you make the changes, you are going to swing back the other way as soon as you stop the diet, compensating for the 'going without' and 'being good'.

Hypnosis for losing weight

How you go about changing your body weight can be a ritual you take in hand and enjoy or it can feel like a starvation diet. For this reason we recommend you choose an eating plan that is achievable, reasonable and healthy. This may mean low in sugars and low GI with plenty of grains and vegetables. Whatever you choose make sure it's sustainable. If you can't see yourself integrating these changes into your life, don't do it! It can be the simplest things that make the difference. I remember cutting out pasta, rice, bread and orange juice and sugar. I walked for 45 minutes a day (fast) and lost about 8 kilos in two months without really trying. I made the diet changes as I had become insulin resistant and it was recommended to eat differently to heal the insulin resistance (which it did). The weight loss was a bonus I didn't expect.

Once you have worked out what type of changes you are going to make in the way you eat and your habits and what type of exercise you are going to do, then ring me. A few sessions of hypnotherapy will give you the confidence, the determination and the desire to stick to your plan far more easily. The idea is that changing your body shape is not an act of self punishment, but an act of self-love and joy. You can find it easy and enjoyable. We work as one would with an athlete, projecting into the future so you can feel the benefits of changing habits - so that you are excited and motivated and feel in control of your decisions.

I often find there is baggage that comes with weight gain. You might have been traumatised, lost a loved one, experienced a low mood or simply lacking in any sort of motivation for anything. This is where the work I do with you can be useful. We may need to work with the low mood or the grief that's blocking you moving forward with the plan. I can help you drop the baggage on the inside so you can lose the weight on the outside. I work to reconcile all parts of you, so that the conflicted self (who wants to eat whatever, whenever) may need some cajoling to get on board with the program. We may have to work with him/her to understand what needs to change for him/her to be on board. We need to get their agreement to go ahead, because without it, she or he is going to sabotage you with the late night snacks, take-aways, drinks or the chocolate bars.

You may find you come for weight loss hypnotherapy and leave feeling lighter, more confident, more joyous and motivated. All of these things will help you want to be healthy.

If you are about to embark on losing weight and want a hand achieving your goal, give me a call. I can act both as your weekly coach, and as your hypnotherapist.

Diana Leach



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