Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Hypnotherapy for losing weight

Hypnosis for weight loss can be highly effective for a number of reasons:

1/ Working with the unconscious means we can work with the part of you that is struggling to agree or comply with the diet you have chosen. We can help you identify this part of you and get him or her on board! Conflicted parts of ourselves with often stand between you and your goal. One part says, "yes!" The other part says, "just half a piece of chocolate cake can't hurt." One part of you says "I want to change, I can't handle being overweight any longer," the other part says "Life's for having fun. Just one more glass of wine can't hurt." We can locate your conflicted self and have him or her agree to the new program!

2/ The unconscious effects 95% of our decisions in life. Our unconscious, has inherent beliefs which we may not even be aware of. These have been created by an entire lifetime of events, from our childhood to our adult selves. By working directly with the unconscious and changing your patterns, we can bring about profound change.

Hypnosis for weight loss

3/ We work with finding the 'value' in change or losing weight, not willpower. Willpower driven diets have been proven to fail over and over again. You end up yo-yoing. When you can bring about a fundamental shift in your relationship to self, and see the value in the change in habits, then you can move forward in a healthy balanced way. Hypnosis will make suggestions to accentuate the value and strengthen your determination and self, not increase your willpower. The increase in willpower will happen naturally as a result of the other changes.

4/ Hypnosis with Diana Joy is not just hypnosis - she will help you choose a diet that suits, looking at your whole life-style, including exercise and give you take-way tools to work with. She can help you identify when it's going to be tricky to keep to your eating plan and put strategies in place. Her hypnotic suggestions will help you keep on track with all aspects of your new health plan. She can act like a coach encouraging you and helping you to achieve the new you. Having someone witness your hard work and acknowledge your results, can really help.

losing weight hypnosis

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