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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

What exactly can hypnosis help you with and what is it?

Hypnosis for change

Hypnotherapy takes you into a trance or theta state, which is deeply restful and meditative. You are not asleep, you are still aware, but your mind is highly focussed on the hypnotherapists voice and everything else falls away. The hypnotherapist by-passes your mind to speak with your unconscious. We speak to your unconscious as our unconscious guides 95% of our lives and decisions. We don't always know what subtle programs we may have learnt or what our belief systems actually are. You are always in control and know what is happening. You can only be guided to bring about change when you agree to the change. It's possible there is a part of you that is not in alignment - who wants to keep smoking or who gains some benefit from an illness and they may block the change. For example being ill may mean your family visits you each day and this may be of greater benefit than healing, so a deeper unconscious part of you may resist getting well. It's possible to meet the part of you who is in resistance and bring them into alignment with the part of you that wants the change.

During hypnotherapy you may be sitting or lying down and you will be asked to close your eyes. Afterwards you may feel a little like you have had a long, deep rest. Hypnosis can work with psychological issues as well as issues that effect the nervous system such as anxiety, as it's great for switching the nervous system from fight or flight to relaxation. For this very reason is can work brilliantly for IBS which can be linked to holding anxiety or stress in the gut. Hypnotherapy can also work wonders for phobias, as often the phobia is governed by the unconscious rather than the conscious.

Hypnosis for needle phobia

Hypnotherapy works with the premise that the body will always work toward healing (a cut or headache heals or a bone will knit) and that if the body is not healing there is some sort of block in the unconscious. The programs we have learnt when we were young can be outdated and untrue and hold you back in your life. For example an abusive parent may have taught us we were worthless. Are you really worthless? We can help retrain the unconscious to drop this unhelpful belief.

I have to say when someone walks out symptom free after years of anxiety, it does feel magical but hypnotherapy is by no means a magic cure-all. While I have some clients who walk out after 4 sessions having reached their goal (symptom-free), there are others who take longer or for whom it is less successful. I have noticed it's those who really commit to the self-help tools and bring awareness into their everyday who seem to make the fastest progress. People often ask what hypnotherapy can assist with, so I have compiled a list of some of the conditions that hypnosis can help with:

Hypnosis for Psychological 

Hypnotherapy works with suggestions to shift the relationship

to self and bring about new behaviours.

Hypnosis to Strengthen self confidence

to Motivate and help with procrastination

to Help with low self-esteem, Self Hatred, Shame

for managing anger or frustration issues

to help cope with grief

to help with depression and anxiety

for Helplessness and hopelessness

for Feeling Safe

Hypnosis for Trauma

Hypnosis for ​Phobia

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious to release anxiety

in any phobia including:

Fear of flying

Fear of School

Fear of Dentist

Fear of Doctor

Fear of Surgery

Fear of needles

Fear of spiders or animals

Fear of Heights

Fear of small spaces or large spaces

Performance: Guiding the unconscious

Hypnotherapy in the form of creative visualisation and the power of

the mind has been used by sports professionals all around the world.

Hypnotherapy can help create new patterns of thinking and ways of being.

Career Success


Reach Goals

CreativityWriters Block

Fear of public speaking

Performance anxiety

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Sports enhancement

The Physical Body

There are some medical issues that have been clinically proven to benefit from hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for ​IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Surgical Recovery

Hypnosis for Chronic pain management

Hypnosis for Depression and anxiety

Hypnosis for Insomnia


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Nervous System/Medical

Our nervous system is often in fight or flight mode and hypnotherapy can bring about the changes in your responses and feelings of relaxation. It can be useful for: 

​Learning how to Relax

Anxiety and Stress

Learn to feel safe after Trauma



When our automatic system is in charge and you can't seem to control the habit, hypnotherapy can be a really useful way of speaking and changing the unconscious to bring about changes in:

Nail biting


Hypnosis for Smoking

Perpetual lateness

Thumb Sucking (BFRB)

I hope this helps and feel free to get in contact.

Diana Joy



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