Quit Smoking - Hypnosis Works Wonders

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Quit smoking hypnosis
Quit smoking hypnosis

If you are committed to quitting smoking, hypnosis is a brilliant tool to assist you. With all those unpleasant symptoms you can experience such as irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, difficulty sleeping, restlessness and increased hunger, it can be good to have a support person on board helping treat those symptoms through suggestions and hypnosis as well as helping you quit the smokes.

Smoking can be both and addiction and a habit. Sometimes the habit is like an old friend and harder to say goodbye to than the physical addiction. It can take up to four weeks for the physical addiction to disappear. Vitamins can sometimes help and I will work with you looking at your lifestyle, diet and routine and help you to put in place support systems in your everyday so you can remain true to your decision as well as building a script and suggestions to help your unconscious mind shift habits and support you in achieving your goal. Stopping smoking isn't something we can 'make' you do through hypnosis, but once you are committed we can greatly improve your likelihood of successfully quitting and staying a non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy for quit smoking

Hypnosis to quit smoking will strengthen your determination and support your change, working with your unconscious as you move toward your goal. By speaking directly to your unconscious we can retrain it to encourage new patterns and desires. Rather than working with willpower, we work with the increased benefits and value in stopping, which will have a far longer-lasting effect. The idea of smelling fresh, feeling healthy, being fit enough to walk up stairs or play with the kids, saving all that money to go on holiday....all of these things are great motivators.

While 3 sessions is usual for smoking, some people can take up to six sessions to drop the habit for good. We call this a long goodbye! And while you might not be able to go from a packet a day to zero in one day, you might find you can gradually let go. I custom build the design around what you feel comfortable with.

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