What is Hypnosis?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

What is hypnosis?
What is hypnosis?

What exactly is hypnosis? I was well into my studies before I understood hypnosis. Sometimes the results are so delightfully swift and easy, it's a wonder to behold!

Unlike psychology, hypnosis is not about the story. We ask you to simply talk about the symptoms: "I have a phobia of spiders. I am really scared and I hyperventilate when I see one. I have a panic attack." We then talk about how you would like to be. "I would like to be able to be near a spider without having a panic attack." We work toward that goal by working with your unconscious.

Hypnosis works with the principle idea that our body and minds are always working toward wellness. A cut will heal, a headache will go, a bone will mend. Our body and mind would like to be 'phobia-free' it's just about finding a pathway to retrain the unconscious script so you can believe you are not going to die with a spider in the room.

It is a common myth that under hypnosis you can be made to think, feel or do something you are not aligned to. This is not correct. You are always the one in control.

So how do we work with your unconscious? We by-pass the mind and put you in a trance. A trance is a state of focussed relaxation. It's much easier to talk to your unconscious when you are super relaxed and your brain is in a theta state. A theta state is usually obtained by sleep or meditation. The unconscious is responsible for over 95% of our actions and life choices. The unconscious does not know true from untrue so it can learn information that is incorrect and you may be governed by that story or belief. How many of us have found a pattern we have been playing out for years springs from a childhood incident?

What is hypnotherapy?

We speak to the unconscious using suggestions and finding the value in you making the change. Waking up feeling energetic or being able to play with the kids is a good motivation for stopping smoking. If you are in true alignment with the change it's quite an easy progression. You are retraining your unconscious patterns into alignment with your desires, rather than being governed by a script your unconscious adopted. If you can feel, see, experience the change, you are more inspired and aligned.

Hypnosis can bring about profound change - but only if you're on board with the change! I had a woman recently who stopped smoking for a week but suffered as a result of stopping smoking from debilitating depression. Previously she had gone back to smoking after experiencing 8 weeks of this depression. While in trance she was able to identify the person (child) who was upset by not smoking and speak to them, give them what they needed other than cigarettes and resolve the issue. She walked out with a hopeful, joyful and elevated mood and as a non-smoker after 3 sessions.

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